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Selling Leads

(1 - 10 out of 20 total Selling Leads)

  • Sell Stud bolt

    Stud bolt PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION Double-headed bolts, also known as double-headed screw or double-headed stud. Used to connect the fixed link function of machinery, double-headed bolts have...
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    Sell Stud bolt

  • Sell Threaded rod

    Threaded rod PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION Ball screw is the most commonly used transmission element in tool machinery and precision machinery. Its main function is to convert rotary motion into...
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    Sell Threaded rod

  • Sell Hex Slotted Nut

    Hex Slotted Nut PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION The slotted nut is used to fix the front and rear axles of the vehicle by tightening the screw through the front and rear axles, so that the frame and...
    Related Keywords : Square nut

    Sell Hex Slotted Nut

  • Sell 4 prong T nuts

    4 prong T nuts PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION Four-claw nuts are parts that are tightly connected with mechanical equipment. They can only be connected by internal threads with the same...
    Related Keywords : Four-claw nuts

    Sell 4 prong T nuts

  • Sell Water drill expansion bolt

    Water drill expansion bolt PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION The specification is M12*160, 8.8 high-strength, can be disassembled and used repeatedly, and is divided into two types: national standard...
    Related Keywords : expansion bolt

    Sell Water drill expansion bolt

  • Sell Internal expansion bolt

    Internal expansion bolt PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION It is a kind of expansion bolt, the specification is from M6-M56, the material is Q235, 45#, 35crmo, etc. It can be divided into 4.8, 8.8,...
    Related Keywords : expansion bolt

    Sell Internal expansion bolt

  • Sell Expansion bolt with hole

    Expansion bolt with hole PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION The size of perforation is based on the diameter of the expansion pipe of the expansion screw, and the size of the hole depends on the...
    Related Keywords : expansion bolt China

    Sell Expansion bolt with hole

  • Sell Flooring expansion bolts

    Flooring expansion bolts PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION Expansion bolt is a special threaded connector used to fix pipe support/hanger/bracket or equipment on walls, floors and columns. expansion...
    Related Keywords : Expansion bolt

    Sell Flooring expansion bolts

  • Sell Segment Bolt

    Segment Bolt PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION The segment bolts are divided into annular and longitudinal. Some designs have the same vertical and circular specifications. In some designs, two...
    Related Keywords : Segment bolt factory

    Sell Segment Bolt

  • Sell U bolt

    U bolt Established in our earliest form in 2005, Xinlan Fasteners remains a family run business.A great history brings a great deal of experience, unrivalled in the Fastener and Special...
    Related Keywords : U bolt factory

    Sell U bolt

(1 - 10 out of 20 total Selling Leads)

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